CLARIANT クラリアント染料一覧

Sanodal® Indoor & Outdoor Colors 染料・取り扱い品目一覧


Sanodal Gold 4N


Sanodal Black GL Paste


Sanodal Black 2LW


Sanodal Deep Black MLW


Sanodal Deep Black MLW-NEW


Sanodal Deep Black HBL Liquid


Sanodal Deep Black H3LW Paste


Sanodal Green 3LW


Sanodal Orange 3LW


Sanodal Red B3LW


Sanodal Turquoise PLW Liquid

Sanodure® Indoor Colors 染料・取り扱い品目一覧


Sanodure Bordeaux RL


Sanodure Brown GSL


Sanodure Bronze G


Sanodure Bronze 2LW


Sanodure Fast Bronze L


Sanodure Fast Gold L


Sanodure Fiery Red ML


Sanodure Green LWN


Sanodure Grey HLN Liquid


Sanodure Grey NL Liquid


Sanodure Olive Brown 2R


Sanodure Orange G


Sanodure Orange RL *Metal Free Color


Sanodure Violet CLW


Sanodure Yellow Brown 2G

Sanodye® Metal Free Colors 染料・取り扱い品目一覧


Sanodye Black OA


Sanodye Blue G


Sanodye Blue 2LW


Sanodye Brown R


Sanodye Golden Orange RLW


Sanodye Red GLW


Sanodye Red RLW


Sanodye Yellow 3GL




The image colors displayed on this website are intended to convey the general characteristics of the product and do not illustrate the actual appearance of the finished dyeing.

Due to differences in computer monitors, screen resolution, graphic cards and web browsers, the colors displayed here will vary.